Types of pop music

Although pop music is melting pot of styles, there is a types of pop music that claims to be pop music in its purest form. This music, usually called pure pop or power pop, typically consists of relatively brief (not over 3 1/2 minutes) songs played on the standard electric guitar, bass and drums with vocals that have a very strong catchy chorus, or hook. Art is not a concern. Audience pleasure in listening to the song is the primary goal.


Among the top pure pop or power pop performers of the past are the Raspberries, Cheap Trick and the Memphis group Big Star. The Knack’s #1 smash hit “My Sharona” is often considered the biggest power pop chart hit. In recent years groups like Jimmy Eat World, Fountains of Wayne have been seen as successors to classic power pop.


types of pop music   types of pop music

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